Hiring a good planner should be like hiring a lovely & reliable friend, to make sure that everything you need is
taken care of. 
Our job is to create tailored solutions that work for you, so that you have the celebration you really want.


Working with Lace Sixpence is not about handing over your wedding or having no say in your special day. We work closely with you right from the beginning or jump in when you need a helping hand, to create a flawlessly executed celebration.

We take care of the pieces of planning your celebration you’re not sure of, not keen on, or simply don’t have time for. You choose which areas you want to take the reigns on and what to leave to us, so you can enjoy choosing floral decorations, and we can manage the less fun bits.


Hiring a professional to work with you for your wedding or event can result in your celebration costing less than if you had planned it yourself.

How? We work hard to create the very best solutions to fit in with your vision, style and budget. We will recommend the very best suppliers and finishing touches within your budget and we know we’ve done our job when our costs are covered with the money you’ve saved elsewhere!



It’s no secret that a lot of time and effort goes into creating a memorable celebration. Between searching for venues, caterers, musicians, florists, cake makers, hire companies, celebrants, printers – and the list goes on – it can be overwhelming, time consuming and feel like you’re leaving a lot to chance.

We take the stress away by presenting you with the best options that match your vision, so you can be confident in your choices and supported in their execution. We cover the admin and the boring bits while you have fun planning.


Perhaps the biggest bonus of having a planner for your big day is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have someone in your corner, completely dedicated to making your celebration run exactly as you envisioned it.

We are there for you at every step along the way to offer our advice, experience, ideas and suggestions, as well as lending a hand whenever you require.

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