Using a Wedding Planner: What to Expect at Your First Consultation


So he’s popped the big question and you’ve excitedly started your wedding planning journey, but now what? For some brides, the most natural thing to do once engaged is to hire a wedding planner, however for other brides, the process of hiring a wedding planner and letting a stranger be part of your wedding can seem a little daunting, so we’ve decided to put you at ease and detail the basics of what to expect when you have your first consultation with us.

A consultation is a chance for you to meet us in person or via Skype to discuss your wedding plans. It is a chance for us to learn more about you as a couple, your relationship, how you see your wedding day, what you love and hate, if you’ve any ideas about the look and feel of the day, what your priorities are, if you’ve booked the venue or any other suppliers and any concerns you may have regarding timescales, budgets, logistics or simply fitting planning the wedding around your work and social commitments. Although it may seem that we’ll ask you a lot of questions, we’ll also listen…listen a lot, as although we’ve planned many weddings in the past, we’ve not planned yours, and it’s important to us that we get it right.

As well as being a chance for us to get know you, it’s also an opportunity for you to get know us better and learn about our background, experience, the planning process and how we will work with you to plan your wedding. This is important as at the end of the day we will be working closely together to plan your big day and it’s important that we all get along.

You might need as much help as humanly possible or want to do most of the planning yourself with a little helping hand from us. Either way is fine with us, as we’ll happily work with you from the very beginning or jump in when required to take care of the parts of planning you don’t know how to do or simply don’t have time to do.


Wedding Planner Consultation

Following the consultation, which usually lasts between an hour and two hours, we’ll have a much clearer idea of how we can ease your stress and assist you in the planning and styling of your wedding day. We will then go away and put together a proposal that covers our discussion, what our services include in addition to details of how we can help you plan your wedding.

From this you can decide whether or not to book us as your wedding planner. A good proposal will show you how well we have understood your vision for your wedding day, however don’t expect to receive venue and supplier recommendations or design ideas, as these will come once you’ve signed the contract and have start working together.

Hiring a wedding planner is a big commitment and we want you to be happy with your choice. It may be tempting to choose your wedding planner based on price alone, but by meeting us in person or via Skype, it allows you to take into consideration how good a fit we are, which will ultimately help you make your final decision on whether you really want to work with us or not.

Still thinking about booking a wedding planner to help you plan that perfect wedding day?

Get in touch with us today to book your free wedding planning consultation and you’ll be one step closer to the wedding day of your dreams.

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