The Five Senses of Wedding & Event Design


AUGUST, 2016

When designing a wedding or event, it is important that you consider all of the five senses, as each sense has its own stimuli which add to the overall impact and success of the design.

Combining all five senses creates a bigger and more powerful sensory impact for your guests, which allows them to engage and feel truly connected with the wedding or event.


Sight can be incorporated into a wedding or event through the use of a colour scheme. Colour can be cleverly incorporated into the bridesmaid dresses, flowers or table linens and using various different tones and shades of the main colour can add interest and depth to the overall design and colour scheme. Sight can also be utilised in the layout of the room, with different lighting effects to create an ambience or through a personal photo/video show reel displayed on a screen for all guests to see.


The main way sound can be incorporated into a wedding or event can be from the music you choose to have playing while your guests arrive, to the band you choose to entertain them in the evening, with the musical style and song choice setting the tone of the event. Each element of the wedding or event could have a different musical style which would in turn create a different mood for each part of the day from the wedding ceremony through to the evening reception. For example you could add an air of elegance and romance to your ceremony with a string quartet or harpist and then create a happy, upbeat mood for the evening reception with a DJ playing popular chart music or a band playing music from your era of choice.


The obvious way smell can be incorporated into the design of a wedding or event is through the aroma of the floral arrangements. This could be the fresh flowers that line the aisle as you walk down it to take your seat, or the burning of a specific incense or candles to create the desired ambience or mood. Smell can also incorporate the fragrance the bride or groom chooses to wear on the day. This can be chosen to bring back strong emotional memories of an earlier moment in their relationship, which the couple would then hold on to with the memories of their special day every time they smell that particular fragrance.


Taste can be incorporated through the food choices for your wedding or event. It can be incorporated through the choice of champagne and canapes you serve to guests on arrival to the menu and drink choices you select for the main part of the event. Taste can also be incorporated in fun ways into the different elements of your day, for example through a sweetie cart, chocolate fountain or ice luge. These fun elements could bring back childhood memories for many of your guests and would add an air of fun and nostalgia to the wedding or event.


Touch can include anything from the paper chosen for the invitations and the fabric of the wedding dress or wedding outfits, to the comfort of the seating and the textures and details of the table centrepieces. Touch can also be incorporated into the choice of cutlery, glassware and crockery chosen for the tables.

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