4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Tablescape

Apr 11, 2018 | DECOR & STYLING

After your wedding gown, bouquet and portraits, your reception will be the most photographed aspect of your wedding. It is also where you and your guests will spend most of your wedding day.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for creating the perfect wedding table design.


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When choosing colours for your table decor, try to stick to one main colour palette. Using different shades and tones of your main accent colour will add depth to your table design. Colour can be added through florals, table runners, coloured glassware or even cutlery. However, using too many colours can lead to the table design feeling busy and no element will stand out from the rest. For a more subtle hint of colour, add this through the use of pastel coloured napkins or metallic charger plates. Introducing colour this way allows you to create a visually appealing table design without going too over board on colour.


To create a visually interesting and compelling table design, we recommend using a mix of opposing textures, materials and surface finishes. Layer table cloths, napkins and runners in contrasting fabrics with crockery, cutlery and glassware in metallic, translucent, matte or polished finishes. This can be an easy and inexpensive way to add colour, warmth and interest to a plain white tablecloth.


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An easy way to add interest to a simple table design is to play with height. If all the decor items on the table are the same height, whether high or low, the table will look flat. To eliminate this, choose one main focal point, such as a centrepiece or floral arrangement. You can then place similar or contrasting accessories of varying heights together around the focal point in groups of three. This will break up harsh lines and blocks of colour whilst creating shape, interest and flow throughout your table design. However, try to keep centrepieces or flower arrangements above or below eye level. As having centrepieces or floral arrangements at eye level will make conversation across the table impossible.


Finer details can add the finishing touches and personality to your table design. They can also be used to continue a theme you have running through your wedding. Hand written place cards or a single flower stem, can draw guests in to the other elements of the table. Finer details also make any place setting seem more luxurious.

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